Sushi cat 2 highly colorful and fun game

Sushi Cat the Honeymoon is a game developed by Joey Betz of Armor Games. The point of this highly colorful and fun game is to get Sushi Cat to eat as much yummy sushi as he possibly can. Sushi Cat eats his yummy sushi and begins to grow fatter and fatter as he eats more and more sushi along the way through his adventures.


As one first begins playing Sushi Cat the Honeymoon they will notice that it is a sunny day and Sushi Cat and his beloved are standing on the backside of a sailing ship that is whisking them away to their honeymoon destination. As they are sailing away contentedly in each other’s arms there is a commotion and then an explosion that busts out the wall to the kitchen. Sushi Cat 2 figures if he can just jump down the pipe and he can use the girth of his body to block the offensive hole. However, when he reaches his destination he finds out that he is not that big cat he once thought he was fitting easily through the hole exposing the kitchen. Seeing that he is inadequate this is where and how are game begins.

Sushi Cat is loads of fun and full of belly laughs as you roll your way through every scrumptious level devouring every savory piece of sushi available. The game is fun for all ages and is highly addictive. This is not a game that will be easily put away once started.


Sushi Cat 4

Sushi Cat 2 is a story of romance, intrigue, gravity

Sushi Cat 2 gameplay itself is fairly minimal


Sushi Cat 4

Sushi Cat and his wife decided to adopt a child – Sushi Jr. Sushi Jr. is an adorable purple kitten, who is very curious by nature. Sushi Cat and his wife decides one day to take Sushi Jr. to a local fair to ride all the rides and play all the games. Little did they realize what dangers lurked ahead for their newest bundle of joy. While Sushi Cat 2 and his wife had their back turned, someone sneaked up and catnapped their baby! Sushi Cat’s evil nemesis – Bacon Dog, is back! Help Sushi Cat and his wife rescue their baby!

Type of Game:

Flash; Puzzle; Strategy


The color scheme of this game uses pastel-like colors.

Main Characters:

Sushi Cat, His wife (Mrs. Cat), their baby (Sushi Jr.), and the evil nemesis Bacon Dog has returned to seek his revenge on Sushi Cat, by stealing his baby!


To play this game, you must drop Sushi Cat from the top of the game board, through each level’s puzzle like obstacles to get Sushi Cat to eat up as much of the sushi as he can – and fill his belly. Filling his belly is the only way he can gain weight to be able to get past the obstacles that lie ahead and rescue his child from the evil clutches of Bacon Dog. Can you help him?



At the start of each round, you have 4 lives. Use your lives wisely, or Sushi Cat may go hungry!

Bonus Rounds:

Every 4 levels, you have the option to participate in the bonus round. The bonus rounds vary, but by participating, you can increase your score even more to be able to purchase higher quality items from the gift shop.


Ÿ  Toggle sound: off/on

Ÿ  Change game/picture quality (helpful if you’re using slow internet connection)

Ÿ  Back to Level Map

Ÿ  Reset level

Additional features:

Ÿ  Share achievements on Facebook and Twitter

Ÿ  Spend your score points in the game shop

Ÿ  Save your game – even mid-level

New features added:

In addition to the features listed above, you can now send and receive gifts from your Facebook and Twitter friends, challenge them in the Challenge Arena to see who can complete various Challenge games/puzzles the fastest (and earn more score points as a reward!), and even select whether to play as Sushi Cat 2 game or Mrs. Sushi Cat!

Gift items to friends:

You can now gift your friends special items to help them in their journey to helping Sushi Cat rescue his baby. Items include: +1 life item, +1 Tongue Roll power-up item, +1 Yarn Ball power-up item, +1 Dragon Roll power-up item, and +1 Tsunami Roll power-up item – just to name a few.

Spend score points in the game shop:

Here’s a few items you can purchase from the in-game shop.

Ÿ  New outfits for Sushi Cat or his wife

Ÿ  Game enhancements (power-ups)

Ÿ  Auto-complete level item (though it is pretty pricy!)

Age Appropriate:

As with all the previous Sushi Cat games – Sushi Cat 4 is appropriate for all ages. It does not have any violence, adult content, or adult language, making it suitable for children as young as 3 or 4 years old.

Link download:

Sushi Cat 2 is a story of romance, intrigue, gravity

Sushi Cat 2 is a story of romance, intrigue, gravity, and, well, sushi. All you need to play this simple and free game is a single mouse button and a love for everything feline and kawaii. Click to drop Sushi Cat from the top of the screen, where he is held aloft between two chopsticks. Now watch him tumble across ramps and platforms, gobbling up futomaki and nigiri like crazy.

Make no mistake: Sushi Cat 2 isn’t just about getting fat on as much sushi as possible. It’s about love–the love of Sushi Cat for his wife, who is also featured in the original Sushi Cat games, and whom Bacon Dog steals away at the beginning of the game. Sushi Cat must gain enough weight to capture her back. For instance, early in the game, Sushi Cat tracks down Bacon Dog and his wife at the movie theater, but is barred from entering because he is not big enough. The solution, of course, is to eat more sushi.

When you drop Sushi Cat from the top of the screen, he looks like a small round ball. As soon as he begins gobbling up sushi, he begins swelling up rapidly and noticeably, becoming ever more plump and squishy.


To pass a level, you must eat enough sushi to achieve a full belly. You get several chances to do this, and you can see how much sushi you’ve had so far in a vertical progress bar on the left side of the screen. The progress bar is made up entirely of pieces of sushi, drawn inside the (very long) belly of a cat. At the beginning of every level, this progress-bar cat appears rather forlorn, but as his belly fills up with sushi, he begins grinning happily. If you just want to quickly check how many pieces of sushi you still need to eat to complete the level, you can see that as a number on the top-right corner.

Some pieces of sushi have magical powers: There’s a piece that makes pinball flippers suddenly appear at the bottom of the screen, allowing you to bounce Sushi Cat 2 game back up and eat more sushi. Another piece gives you three soy-sauce bombs which you must place strategically: As each bomb explodes, the sushi surrounding it is magically transported to Sushi Cat, counting towards your quota for the level.

The bottom of each level is made up of a series of bins with varying point values. You should try dropping Sushi Cat game so that he ends up tumbling into the bin granting the most points, although this is usually very difficult to plan. Many levels contain moving elements, making it almost impossible to plan a trajectory for Sushi Cat once you let him go.

Sushi Cat 2 may not be the next Skyrim, but it is a fun way to kill some time…maybe while waiting for a sushi delivery.

Link download and play free online :

Sushi Cat 2 gameplay itself is fairly minimal

Sushi Cat: Story Craft (April Fools)

Sushi Cat with power-ups

Sushi Cat 2 gameplay itself is fairly minimal

Sushi Cat! Sushi Cat! Does whatever a Sushi Cat 2 does! Likes to eat. Lots of rice. To get fat. He’s the best. Look out! Here comes the Sushi Cat!

To call Sushi Cat a little strange would be a bit like calling a sumo wrestler slightly big for his age. Based on the popular Flash game of the same name, Sushi Cat employs massive amounts of kawaii surrealism to defy explanation. After spying a sexeh pink kitteh in the window, our titular hero goes through a series of ordeals in the hopes of winning her heart. This means attempting to eat as much sushi as possible while falling down what looks like a Plinko board from The Price Is Right.


It’s sort of like the weirdo love child of Peggle and Katamari Damacy. You have the semi-random game style of Peggle, except that instead of balls, you drop in a round, blue cat that gobbles sushi and gets gradually fatter the more he eats. There’s not a whole lot of skill involved, but it’s undeniably hypnotic to watch the adorably gluttonous cat ball squish and bounce his way down to the bottom, thanks to a surprisingly excellent physics engine.

Without a doubt, it’s the art style that makes the game, with its strongly Japanese-inspired blend of cute and bizarre. While the story doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, the gorgeously animated cutscenes throughout the game give a lot of personality to our silent, feline hero and help break up some of the repetitive gameplay and keep you engaged.

Because it’s primarily a game of chance, gameplay itself is fairly minimal, but it’s incredibly addictive. You’ll spend a lot of time fixated on the cat’s every move, but only as a spectator, since you can’t really do anything to affect its path once it’s started to fall. The one exception to this is the random bonuses available in certain levels, which occasionally allow you to do things like aim and launch Sushi Cat back up to the top of the level.

There is a minimum amount of sushi required for Sushi Cat 2 game to eat before advancing to the next level, so there is a bit of strategy involved in how you start him off, but it’s usually not very difficult, and there’s also no punishment for failure. The biggest complaint you can make about the game is that it is on the easy side and feels just a little too short. It’s not at all difficult to complete the entire game in under an hour, but it would be a fun hour, nonetheless.

Sushi Cat is not an especially deep or challenging game, but it’s a brilliantly off-the-wall bit of fluff. Thanks to its weirdo premise, abundant visual charm, and simple, engrossing gameplay, there’s really nothing out there quite like Sushi Cat.

Link play online and download free :

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Sushi Cat: Story Craft (April Fools)

Sushi Cat with power-ups

Sushi Cat 2 is a cute, funny flash game

Sushi Cat: Story Craft (April Fools)

A sandbox world of endless possibilities. Play with friends, collect sushi, explore and build anything you can imagine!

**April Fools Day Everybody! ~~ Thanks for those that played along with our little blue kitten joke. Did you feed Sushi Cat lots of sushi and veggies? We’ll be giving out one-time Quests, consider this fair warning. :)**

Enter a sandbox world of endless possibilities. Play with friends, collect sushi, explore huge levels and build anything you can imagine! After almost a year in development we are proud to announce “Sushi Cat 2: Story Craft World Creator“, an online world of unlimited potential.


Explore a beautiful universe of sushi, monsters, mining, building and crafting. Trade with other players to amass a fortune, explore vast deserts and deep oceans or build a castle made entirely of sushi – the choice is yours! Be whoever you want to be in a world where your only limitation is your imagination.

Note: We know some users are experiencing longer than normal load times. Please be patient, the load will only happen the first time you play the game. It’s worth the wait.


Sushi Cat with power-ups

The beloved fat blue cat is back again – this time he’s on his honeymoon with his wife. But danger lurks ahead for Sushi Cat and his wife. They embark on their honeymoon, expecting a peaceful, quiet, enjoyable experience on a cruise ship. It begins with an explosion occurs inside the ship’s kitchen – leaving the ship in danger of sinking. Can you help Sushi Cat save the ship, and overcome the other obstacles that stand in their way from an enjoyable honeymoon?



In each level, you must eat at least 30 pieces of sushi to fill Sushi Cat’s belly and make him grow bigger. Choose where you place Sushi Cat 2 wisely – you only get 4 lives!

Special power-ups:

Certain sushi will provide Sushi Cat with power-ups; special powers to help him reach his goal quickly. These power-ups include, but are not limited to:

Ÿ  Tongue Roll – When activated, the Tongue Roll power-up lets Sushi Cat roll out his tongue very long, allowing him to eat up more sushi in one bite.

Ÿ  Yarn Ball – Once activated, use the ball of yarn to lure Sushi Cat to chase it. To make him chase it, simply click your left mouse button.


Players have the ability to change a few settings and options on the game. Options include: going back to the level map, change the quality of your game (useful for those using slower internet connection), toggle sound fx on/off, and reset level.


There is a cheat available for Sushi Cat: The Honeymoon. We weren’t able to find very many, but the one we did find allowed for unlimited number of cats per level, and all levels were automatically unlocked.



The graphics of this game are of good quality. It features bright, vibrant colors, cute artwork, as well as moving/bouncing objects.

Recommended Age:

Children and adults of all ages will love this game. It is easy enough for a child as young as 3 to learn, and difficult enough (once you’re into the higher levels) to keep even an adult entertained. Children will love trying to figure out how to collect all the Sushi in the maze like game board.

Additional Features:

Located at the top, left corner of the game board is a count down of how many sushi you have left to eat. Once you have reached your goal of eating 30 pieces of sushi, the counter changes to one showing how many bonus sushi you have left. In addition, under that count down number is a “conveyor belt” showing you what all types of sushi are left on the board. Below the conveyor belt, you can check to see what level number you are currently working on.

On the top left of the game board, you can find how many lives you have left. Under that is a cute “goal chart” where you can watch all the sushi you eat fall into Sushi Cat’s tummy. As the food stacks up and reaches designated markers – you earn point multipliers!

At the very bottom of the game board, you can see your point value – the amount of points you have currently earned.


Sushi Cat 2 is a cute, funny flash game

Sushi Cat 2 is a fascinating story, nice music and a cozy atmosphere.

Review game Sushi Cat 2

Sushi Cat 2 is a cute, funny flash game

Sushi Cat 2 is a cute, funny flash game about a big, lovable blue cat named Sushi Cat. It is a sequel to the game Sushi Cat – The Original.



Sushi Cat 2 takes place inside Tokyo Mall. While Sushi Cat and his wife (we’ll call her Mrs. Cat) were out shopping, the evil villain Bacon Dog kidnapped Mrs. Cat! Now, Sushi Cat must go through various obstacles to try to rescue his wife. Can you  help him rescue his wife from the evil Bacon Dog?


To help Sushi Cat rescue his wife, you must pass each level of strategy games by eating as much sushi as you can! Eating sushi helps Sushi Cat gain weigh – ultimately growing larger so he can perform the necessary actions to reach his beloved wife.

Items to collect:

There are a lot of different types of sushi available, each with their own unique look. However, some posses powers. Here’s a list of the special sushi you should watch for, and try to collect:

Ÿ  Red/Black/White Sushi-  makes Sushi Cat gain weight

Ÿ  Golden Sushi – unlocks new outfits

Ÿ  White Glowing Sushi – gives you special power-ups


Power-up items are available to collect in this game. Each power-up offers a different power that Sushi Cat can perform. Power-up powers include:

Ÿ Supermarket Sweep. When this power-up is activated, click on as many sushi as you can before time runs out! (TIP: target the ones that aren’t otherwise easy to reach)

Ÿ Pinball Flipper. When this power-up is activated, click on the pinball flippers (near the bottom of the screen) to try to toss Sushi Cat back up into the air to collect more sushi. Be careful – you only get 10 flips, so plan wisely!


Game Sushi Cat 2  has made the gaming experience more personal, with the inclusion of the Golden Sushi. As previously mentioned, collecting the Golden Sushi unlocks the ability to change Sushi Cat’s clothes. He can be a pirate, an archer; you have 10 costumes to choose from!

Additionally, after every 5 levels, you can watch a cute video about what is going on in the story-line next. Don’t want to watch the video? No problem! You can just skip it and go right into playing the next level!


Additional features & options:

Armor Games, the developers of the Sushi Cat games, have thought of virtually everything with this version! Not only do you get the great features mentioned above, as well as a brightly colored game, and the option to change your cat’s outfits – but you can also toggle the music on/off, scroll the map to see how much further you’ve got to go, and replay previously played levels.

Available cheats:

Not everyone likes to cheat, or use cheat codes, for playing games. For those of you who do, we’ve done a little research for you. By doing a simple google search, you can find a few sites with some “built-in” cheats (built-in meaning it’s a copy of the game, but has been changed slightly to allow for the cheat to be used). Some sites we found allowed you to start out with more cats (lives) than your standard 5 lives. Other sites we found provide a downloadable program you can install on your computer that will allow you to cheat your way through levels 1-5 – even play the game for you while you are away!

Recommended age:

This game can easily be played by children as young as 3 or 4. There is no harmful images or foul language. It is a great game to encourage critical thinking and decision making skills.


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Sushi Cat 2 is a fascinating story, nice music and a cozy atmosphere.

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